Be The Reason Your Employees Thrive

Invest in life-changing experiences, mental wellness, and long-term happiness for your employees via personal, professional, and group transformation.


Why Is This Important?

Employee Wellbeing and profitability is  positively correlated

A Gallup report finds that the most successful organisations make employee engagement central to their business strategy. They give employees clear expectations and provide them with the tools and support to do their best work. Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability, 49% less turnover and 17% higher productivity. 

Employees are more likely to recommend  employers that support well-being initiatives

As per a study done by American Psychological association 89% of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company .The report stresses that employee well-being cannot be addressed through a silo program but is instead a reflection of broader culture and climate within the organization.

Employees will be more loyal when their employers invest in them

Employees who had access to seven to eight health and wellness programs were one-and-a-half-times more likely to continue working for their current employer.When your employees are happy and feel truly cared for, they’re more likely to remain loyal to your business.

How Do We Help?

Our tailored, expert-led programs allow companies and employees to foster honest, creative, innovative, and success-driven workplace cultures with resilient community bonds. We provide:

Enhancing employees mental wellbeing, resilience and growth journey resulting in overall happiness and productivity

Enabling the feeling of oneness "Deeply Integrated Community" across the organisation

Respecting, Understanding and Accepting Gender and Diversity biases

Why Work with Us?

Our Unique Community based experiences

We don’t want to make corporate wellness a lonely endeavor. We push the power of community to the forefront so that team members amplify each other’s results. This will allow them to practice openness, feel more valued, appreciated and connected to each other

A Trailblazing Network of Experts

Aside from their expertise in fields like mindfulness, community coaches, neuroscientists, TEDx speakers and trained facilitators our team members have demonstrated passion for helping persons find true inner-peace, success, and happiness.

A Highly Effective RISE Framework

Our unique and powerful framework RISE provides an overview of our process.

Reflection – Current issues and development gaps are assessed to find a roadmap to optimal wellness for individual employees, the team, and the overall workplace culture.

Inner Work – Training, exercises, and other methods allow participants to do the work needed to unlock their full capabilities and feel happy.

Safe Space to share – Employees are provided with judgment-free opportunities to express themselves and share concerns with the option of maintaining privacy.

Experts – At each stage of the process, employees are supported by qualified mindfulness practitioners, coaches, self-growth and mental wellness professionals who keep them on the right track. Feedback and support are provided where necessary.

Our Services

We provide enterprises with a comprehensive system of tools and materials to support the growth, transformation, and mental wellbeing of individual employees and the collective. This sets up future employees to integrate even faster as company culture is attuned to uplifting members who need it.

Transformative Experiential Learning Programs

Instead of uninteresting lectures and rote content memorisation, we engage your employees with stimulating, hands-on mental wellness activities. These include workshops, training, mindfulness exercises, engaging activities and self-management exercises that increase creativity and innovation and happiness

Community-based Online Platform

Your employees will be given access to a safe, secure, company-specific platform where they can engage with assigned content and each other without compromising sensitive information. This custom space is easily scaled as your organization grows and evolves and further reinforces sharing and support within the tribe.

Gender-specific Workshops

We help organizations get the most out of their employees by closing the gender gap; tackling problems faced by men, women, and both groups head-on. This adds modern social value to your company’s culture, increases performance and productivity, and allows for better representation and talent discovery at all management levels.

Peak Performance and  Resilience training

We help organisations by coaching employees, teams, and their leaders with peak performance, subconscious programming, confidence building and mental strength training to help build resilience and perform to the best of their abilities.

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